5 Signs You’re Ready to Commit to Social Media

5 Signs You’re Ready to Commit to Social Media

Opportunity KnocksAre you ready to make the commitment to social media? Sure, you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but are you ready to take it seriously? Here are the top five signs you should be taking social media to the next level:

 1. Your customers have been asking if you are on social media.

You need to go where your customers are – and chances are they’re online. Customers expect brands to be on social media, and they’re actively using social platforms to research and interact with brands.

2. Facebook keeps sending you messages to update your page.

An inactive company profile can actually be more harmful to your brand than having no presence at all. You signed up for a reason. Realign your social media marketing goals and start chasing after them.

3. Your competitors are active on social media.

Social media impacts SEO and if your competitors are using it strategically, they could be displayed higher up in the search results than you.

4. Your new blog is not getting any traction.

Wondering how to drive more traffic to your blog? Social media is an excellent place to start. Give your audience a reason to follow along with you. Teach them, entertain them, capture their interest. And soon you’ll find they keep coming back for more.

5. You want your business to be around in five years.

Social media is no longer simply about gaining a competitive advantage – it’s about keeping up with the norm. There’s a reason your marketing strategy has been lacking in connecting with your audience. And if you don’t do something about it now, you may lose your chance.

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