5 Underused Ways to Create Facebook Ads that Get Noticed

Facebook is still king of the social networks in terms of having the largest social audience. And given that the average user spends over two hours per day on the social network, this presents a huge opportunity for businesses to not only connect with their customers but also grow their customer base.

Unfortunately, with more and more people actively using Facebook the New Feed has become a highly competitive place. To help cut through the clutter, Facebook made some changes to the algorithm that determines what shows up in a person’s Feed. This change drastically reduced the number of posts from businesses showing up at the top of the feed, or even in the feed at all – effectively killing reach.

Facebook advertising saves the day!

Facebook advertising offers a variety options from promoting posts to growing your community to driving people to complete action like downloading a white paper or signing up for an event. The value of Facebook advertising as a social media marketing strategy is reflected in these stats:

  • 92% of social marketers use Facebook advertising; however, ONLY 9% of all digital ad spending occurs on the platform daily
  • Facebook’s share of global mobile digital marketing is 4%
  • The average Facebook ad CTR is 5%, and the average cost per click is $0.27
  • 75% of brands promote their Facebook posts
  • The ROI for retail Facebook advertisers is 152%!

“The scope of things marketers can do with a small amount of cash on Facebook is mind-blowing. From demographic targeting, custom audiences, remarketing, call buttons, etc., marketers should be leveraging these tools to attract and convert more customers,” says Margot da Cunha from WordStream.

However, there is a lot of misunderstanding on how to use Facebook ads effectively. From failing to understand its potential to effectively setting up and running ads on the platform, there are many opportunities to improve the effectiveness of Facebook ads.

5 Underused Ways to Create Facebook Ads that Get Noticed

1. Use Facebook Targeting to Reach Specific Audiences
One of the most valuable features of Facebook ads is its ability to reach targeted audiences. “Facebook [is] the best place to find the most precisely relevant audience to focus your budget on the people that best fit your business objectives. The level of targeting you can drill down to in Facebook is truly remarkable and if you’re not utilizing these features to your benefit, you’re wasting visibility and even clicks on people who will never convert,” says Margot da Cunha on SocialTimes.

2. Go Mobile
 Reaching your audience through mobile ads is increasingly becoming one of the most effective uses of your Facebook ad budget, especially during the holiday season. According to Facebook, “Last December, people shared more posts, photos, and videos through their mobile devices than via desktop—2.7 times as much, in fact.”

Plus, 44% of Facebook users under 35 ONLY access Facebook from mobile devices, so you will be missing out on a large audience if you ignore mobile Facebook ads.

3. Get to the Point – Limit How Much Text You Use in Ads
Ads filled with text will look jumbled, won’t be eye catching, and users won’t be able to immediately identify the value being communicated. According to Facebook, it is best to keep ad image text to less than 20%. They state, “To keep ads as high quality and engaging as possible, our general Advertising Policies state that ads may not include more than 20% text in the image.”

4. Take Advantage of High Converting Ads
Some ads will convert well, others won’t. This is the name of the game. However, many marketers focus too much on the ads that are not converting than the ads that are. Take advantage of the ads that are converting, learn from them, and promote them again. “Promote the best of the best to a new audience and steal the strategies used from high performers in your future social campaigns,” says Da Cunha.

5. Use Interest Based Ad Targeting
Another one of the versatile ways you can target users is by interest. Obviously, your targeted audience will have a number of interests, but if you want to target a group that has a specific interest, such as craft beer, you can focus your ads on this more specific audience, helping you to increase conversions, subscribers, and brand advocates, and ultimately lead to more paying customers.

Facebook advertising is a versatile and effective social media marketing tool that can be used by any business, in any industry. The key is to utilize Facebook ad strategies and tactics that will help you get noticed and reach the right audience.

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