7 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Sales Tool

Pinterest has evolved beyond the digital scrapbooking limitations and the platform has become an essential marketing tool for retailers. Its latest feature, which blasts an email to pinners when the price on an item has dropped, is an especially attractive one for sales teams, bringing new and exciting opportunities for attracting customers

Whether you’re a seasoned pinner or fresh to the platform, it’s important to understand the sales strategy behind the way you organize and manage your pins and boards.We’ve compiled a list of the top seven ways a business can use Pinterest as a sales tool.

Pinterest for Sales

1. Add a price tag to images.
Including the price in the written description with the dollar sign (eg. $XX), automatically adds a price tag ribbon to the top corner of the image.

2. Utilize the price alert.
The latest email blast feature is set for a gradual rollout, so you may not have the update yet. But once you do, use it to your advantage.

3. Create target boards.
Organize boards to feature seasonal collections or particular lines. You can even narrow boards down to specific styles or colours.

4. Create a “sale” board.
Similarly to the way you would cluster discounted items on your website, create a Pinterest board to advertise these products.

5. Run an ad campaign or contest.
Don’t be afraid to get creative. Pose a question on your website and challenge visitors to pin their answer in image form.

6. Keep pinboard covers fresh and timely.
Your cover photo is what attracts visitors to click on that board – use it wisely. Update your cover periodically to keep the board from looking stale.

7. Feature an event.
Are you attending a conference or event? Update your followers by pinning to an event board. You can then remove the board when it is no longer needed.

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