Avoiding Social Brand Disaster

Avoiding Social Brand Disaster

The motivations for creating a social media policy are fairly obvious in a time when social media disasters are popping up all around us. Companies are well aware of how dangerous the combination of social media and the workplace can be.

Even more subtle issues, such as an employee using a personal account to tweet messages that conflict with your brand image, can be damaging.

But rather than refraining from using the giant marketing opportunity all together, taking the right steps in building a formal social media literacy program can generate dramatic benefits on the business side.

By offering social media training to employees, you are ensuring they are equipped to represent your brand online. This is an important stride toward building a team of advocates who are confident in their ability to share company news in a safe and responsible manner.

Of course, strategies will vary from business to business. For example, if you are a formal and conservative company, you need a policy to ensure these characteristics are being projected online. The messaging must be consistent across the board.

Get started today. Review our list of social media templates and use them to build your own social media company policy.


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  1. Kent Rygiel says:

    Really interesting article, Sharad. I think that If your employees aren’t expressing positive opinions about your organization, then it should be seen a symptom that is better to recognize than ignore.