How To Build an Editorial Content Plan for Social Media

Earlier this year we blogged about why you need to add a content plan to your social media strategy. A content plan helps maintain your direction of communications. It forces you to plan around upcoming industry events and promotions, company milestones, and seasonal priorities. Most importantly, a content plan ensures you’re posting relevant and consistent content, answering to client and customer demands, and meeting social media marketing goals.

C9 Prime Editorial Calendar

But where do you start? Below we’ve highlighted the three key phases to consider when building your own content plan, the focus steps involved in each phase and recommended templates to help guide you along the way.


Phase 1: Plan

This is where you build the key fundamentals of your content plan.

  • Outline content marketing goals
  • Research trends in content marketing (eg. best times to post, content with highest engagement)
  • Observe the competition
  • Identify key dates/events/milestones and align them to your editorial calendar
  • Determine distribution channels and form a strategy for each
  • Summarize key themes and (blog) topics for fixed time period
  • Assign responsibility for each given task

CMX Editorial Calendar Sample

Content Goals Map


Phase 2: Track

This is where you measure engagement levels.

  • Track audience engagement in each channel (likes/shares/mentions/retweets/repins)
  • Track fluctuation in page likes and/or follows
  • Record reach (how many viewers potentially saw each post)
  • Identify key influencers on each channel (the people that are engaging with your posts the most)
  • Examine Google Analytics and determine where website traffic is coming from

Facebook Engagement Template


Phase 3: Review

This is where you evaluate your success. You can then use this information to set your next set of goals and circle back to Phase 1.

  • Assess whether you’ve met goals set in planning phase
  • Look for trends and patterns in the numbers recorded and evaluate what is and what is not working
  • Determine what you can do differently

C9 prime Metric Tracking

WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin


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