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What is Community Management?

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” ~ Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury) In the right hands, social media can give any company a huge advantage.  (More)

Blogging and SEO

Publish great and entertaining content and rise to web fame.
Every blog post, news article, and conversation lately around content and SEO seems to be focused on the need for quality content. Don’t get us wrong, we are happy to see people rebelling against spam and SEO Black Hat tactics, but great content is only half of the battle.  (More)

How to Master the Perfect Blog Post

The average adult’s attention span is now down to just 8 seconds – a second less than the attention span of a goldfish. How do you keep your readers interested in your blog? There is an art to blogging; it requires specific skills to ensure a post’s sentences are seamlessly sculpted, its storyline creatively seductive.  (More)

Social Media Tips | Strong Titles

Q. How do I write a powerful headline that will entice readers to click?

A. Keep it short and to the point. Be specific, and inviting. The key is to let the reader know what the blog is about without giving too much away. Social Media Tip: Not sure which copy is the best title for your blog?  (More)

Digital RoundUp: Rise of Social Media and Blogging

Digital RoundUp: Nov. 8, 2013

What better way to pass time on your Friday workday than by watching our weekly Digital RoundUp? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content is king. Blogging and social media are repeatedly recognized as being the future of marketing – and it appears “the future” is coming even sooner than expected.  (More)

Simple HTML Tips for Formatting Your WordPress Blog

For small and medium sized businesses, a blog acts as the hub of your social media activities. Bright Blue Wave Community Manager Hannah Rosen shares her HTML expertise, offering basic tips that will make your WordPress blog look its best. WordPress has become one of the most popular tools for content creators across the web because of its accessibility for non-coders.  (More)

Medium | The New(ish) Blogging Platform

The blogging platform, Medium, which was launched by the creators of Twitter and Blogger last August, is populated with interesting articles grouped in categories such as “Advice to Graduates” and “Best thing I found online today.”
  • It’s collaborative
  • It requires little commitment
  • It let’s anyone, anywhere share information virtually effortlessly
  • It’s currently not searchable
  • It doesn’t influence your SEO
  • Posting privileges are by invite-only (for now)
As stated on the site, the team behind Medium is “still testing and rolling out new features, [so] creating content is limited right now.” Still, the platform is definitely on our radar.   (More)

Why You Need a Business Blog, and Tips For Successful Blogging

In the digital marketing world, having a blog on your website is a crucial element to your business’ marketing success. Starting a blog for your business and integrating SEO (search engine optimization) strategies helps drive traffic to your website and increases your Google search ranking.   (More)