Community Manager: Who’s Driving Your Brand?

The biggest mistake a small business can make with social media marketing, is not having a community manager. The second? Handing over control of your brand to someone who is not qualified. 

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Just as social media has evolved to become an essential part of any comprehensive marketing strategy, so have the role and expectations of a community manager.

An effective community manager requires a range of skills and knowledge in order to build, grow and maintain a vibrant social community. In addition to being a strong marketer and communicator, they must also have a strong business acumen, critical thinking skills, be proficient in navigating technology and managing customer service.

What Does a Community Manager Do?

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Community managers keep a constant eye on your digital community – day, night, weekend, or holiday. The Internet doesn’t “punch-out” at 5pm and neither does a community manager. They are always on. Community management is a full time job; one that is strategic, requires careful planning and execution, and involves dedicated research of your community to foster and grow relationships, and find your brand advocates.

A designated community manager is critical to gaining a competitive edge in today’s socially driven business landscape. [Tweet this]

Brand Voice

The community manager for your small business brings your brand and voice to life on social media. He or she sets the tone and showcases the personalities behind the brand. By sharing your brand stories and interacting with your customers, your community manager creates experiences and establishes an emotional connection beyond your product or service.

Brand Relationships

Creating a relationship, online or off, is time-consuming. The community manager is the person responsible for connecting with your audience, improving customer experience, as well as creating and nurturing ongoing relationships. And because they spend all their time online with your customers, no one knows the people interacting with your brand better than your community manager.

Brand Buzz

A community manager helps your small business create hype around the rollout of new services and products. A consistent social presence translates into better brand awareness, and creates a sense of trust. By improving your brand recognition, you’re increasing the chances of potential clients considering you in their decision process because your brand is familiar to them.


A great community manager is a good listener. They have a pulse on what is happening within your industry; they’re aware of new developments within the social channels, they listen [and react] to customer feedback, and they keep an eye on the overall sentiment surrounding your small business.

Did you know:

34% of individuals who have reached out to brands on social media with a customer service issue expect a response within 30 minutes.  [Tweet this] 

There is a lot of pressure on businesses to increase their social response time. Without someone committed full-time to community management, it can be difficult to keep up.

Measuring & Interpreting

While many good community managers can post, tweet and monitor, the cream of the crop have an innate ability to understand the pulse of your digital community.  Yes, there are many tools that allow you to measure community growth and engagement, which posts work better and which ones don’t.  But the best community managers are able to look beyond the data and know how to turn “tire-kickers” into “hand-raisers.”


It’s time to stop treating social media as an add on – something employees only focus on in their “spare” time, with no specific training provided and no business strategy or marketing tactics in mind. Contact Bright Blue Wave today to find out how we can help.

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