Creating Content to Reflect Your Brand

Creating Content to Reflect Your Brand

When building an online social presence for our clients we start at the strategic level:  who are their customers; what do they care about; what are their overall business objectives; what is their brand voice; what does success for their organization look like?

We want to ensure our client’s social media strategy is aligned to their business and marketing objectives, and is directly tied to how they measure success.  We develop a blueprint, create and launch social media platforms, and integrate social networking into our clients’ overall business plans.   Our clients trust us to act as their social voice.

The question we often get from prospective organizations is: why?  Why should they outsource this critical marketing function, and how will we be able to speak in their company’s voice?

The Trust Factor

We work with SMBs in a wide-range of industries, from human resources to information technology; office products to health and wellness.  We create unique content that reflects each individual company. We take pride in the social success of these organizations – watching them grow from one “like” to 1,000. And as we work with these business owners and their brands every day, we become so familiar it’s as though we’re a member of the team – or as we often say, it’s like we’re part of the family. And family is all about trust.

Our clients trust us to manage the online presence of their brand. We understand that’s not an easy thing to do. These SMBs are outsourcing a component crucial to their success.  We’re engaging with their customers firsthand, handling feedback and sparking conversation.

The best part of this process is when our clients come back to us after a month or two, saying how wonderful it is to not have to worry about the management of their social media. They know it is in good hands. The reason they feel this way is because we become a part of the brand, and as a result, the brand becomes a part of us.

Why We’re Good At What We Do

We are not a marketing agency. We don’t offer a full service marketing shop. We won’t charge you for five different specialties, even though you only need one. We do one thing: social media. And we do it right.

Of course, social media is huge; and it continues to grow everyday. It requires a lot of effort and strategy to make it work. If you’re like most small and medium-size business owners out there, you don’t have the time required to dedicate to social media. Or what’s more, you don’t have the time necessary for distinguishing yourself amongst all the other noise on the Internet today. That’s where we come in.

Every day we’re working with your brand, engaging with your customers and even getting to know your employees. Soon your passion becomes our passion. We challenge ourselves to become experts on the topics relevant to your fans and followers so we can inform, inspire and interact with them.

We love what we do; but you don’t have to love it too. Let us manage your social media so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

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