Digital RoundUp: Holiday Ad Campaigns

What better way to pass time on your Friday workday than by checking out our weekly Digital RoundUp?

‘Tis the season for heart wrenching, tear jerking, smile inducing holiday commercials and viral videos. In this week’s RoundUp we share some of our favourites from over the decades. We’re kicking things off with WestJet’s powerful Christmas Miracle, then comparing Coca-Cola ads from “then” and “now”, followed by a display of how different brands “ring their bells”, and ending with a classic commercial that ignites a sense of holiday nostalgia within us.

1. WestJet Christmas Miracle

2. Coca-Cola “Then”: 70s Christmas Hilltop Commercial

3. Coca-Cola “Now”: Holidays are Coming 

4. Hershey Kisses Commercial

5. Kmart Show Your Joe

6. 1980s M&Ms Christmas Commercial

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