Digital RoundUp: International Women’s Day Video Campaigns

What better way to pass time on your Friday workday than by checking out our weekly Digital RoundUp?

International Women’s Day, like many other important dates, invites brands and organizations to send meaningful messages to viewers all around the world. Many of these organizations look to video as their medium of choice for supporting their cause, raising awareness, evoking emotion and getting people involved.

This week we’re rounding up some powerful examples of how brands (specifically non-profits) use social media to share their stories and drive change in support of International Women’s Day. From the We Are Equals campaign featuring James Bond (Daniel Craig) in 2011 to this year’s How to Get a Raise In 47 Seconds clip by Sweden-based organization Kommunal TV, there are many ways brands are using their creativity to celebrate women’s equality and advancement.

1. How To Get a Raise in 47 Seconds

2. Smart is the New Sexy


4. Celebrating Working Women

5. Women as Agents of Change

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