Digital RoundUp: Small Business Guide to Social Media

Digital RoundUp: Oct 4th, 2013

What better way to pass time on your Friday workday than by catching up on the latest trends in social media with our weekly Digital RoundUp?

Thinking about launching a social media strategy for your small business but not sure where to start or what rules to follow? This week’s roundup offers a small business guide to social media through infographics. We have everything you need to know about getting started with social media, featuring tips on the right types of questions to ask in posts, how to make connections on LinkedIn, photo design sizing info and guidelines, and even explaining Internet copyright infringement.

1. Small Business Guide to Social Media Mastery

The Small Business Guide to Social Media Mastery

  2. LinkedIn: What It’s Actually Good For

LinkedIn: What

  3. Social Media Spec Guide for Content Designers

Social Media Spec Guide


4. Interntet Copyright Infringment: Myths vs. Facts

Copyright Infringement: 5 Myths vs Facts


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