Using Evernote to Boost Small Business Productivity

There is no shortage of productivity tools out there, but when it comes to keeping organized, automating tasks and collaborating on projects, many small and medium-sized businesses are choosing to use Evernote.

Evernote lets you streamline daily tasks with an ever-growing list of featured uses. The team at Evernote has recently launched its business variation called Evernote Business, which allows users to seamlessly share notes with teams of people, promoting collaborative search and idea sharing.

Six Tips to Help You Use Evernote Effectively

evernotelogo1. Categorize and tag your notes to create a personal database
You no longer need to waste time digging through notebooks or old web files to look up that quote you copied down or that URL for a how-to article you found helpful. Saving all of your ideas with tags allows you to easily save and manage your notes without ever having to worry about losing a great idea again.

2. Capture and store content
You can use the Web Clipper tool to capture a particular part of a webpage, a PDF document or a text file. Take a photo of inspiring street art from your phone and store it for future use. Any content you save can be titled, tagged and shared with a team for everyone to easily search and use.

3. Tag and save voice memos and ink notes
Record a business presentation, a keynote at a conference or even a business meeting, then tag and save for easy access in the future. Those in the graphic industry specifically may prefer the Ink Note tool, which lets you save doodles and handwritten notes.

4. Link notes to calendar
Use your calendar for more than simply scheduling reminders for client meetings. Make private links to specific meetings recording prior conversations, an itinerary for the upcoming discussion and notes on desired outcomes, etc.

5. Save travel information
Create a travel file to store itineraries, maps, flight details, even restaurant recommendations. Each new trip can be saved in an individual page in your ‘Travel’ notebook. You can even add photos with some notes highlighting important parts of the trip.

 6. Digitize receipts
Evernote allows you to store photos of your deductible expenditures and receipts, keeping finances automated and making tax time less stressful.

Following these tips will help you enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining your workflows. Not to mention, you’ll keep your team’s information handy and inspiration close, which can only lead to better ideas, improved communication and a boost to overall team performance.