Guide to Google+ for Businesses

The social media tide has slowly been turning towards Google+. Google’s social network now has 540 million monthly active users making it the second most popular social media platform in the world.


The value of Google+ for businesses goes beyond that of other social networks because of the enormous impact it can have on your search visibility. In recent months, Google has introduced a number of new ways your Google+ business page will impact search results for your company.

Perhaps most notable is the new Google search feature displayed on the right-hand side of the results pages, which can pull information directly from your Google+ page, including your profile image, recent posts, and number of followers.


The growing importance of Google+ to businesses is impossible to ignore. We have compiled some tips to help your business get the most value out of your Google+ page.

How to Optimize Your Business Page

  1. Add a tagline under your page title. Try to be descriptive, keep it under 10 words, and use your search keywords.
  2. Use search keywords in the title of your images.
  3. In your introduction, use keywords but don’t overdo it. This is also a great place to add extra links to internal pages on your website.
  4. Verify your page with Google. Instructions here:

 How To Use Your Page Effectively

  1. Engagement is your top priority. Post great content, ask and answer questions, and get involved with communities.
  2. Posts with photos and videos look great in the Google+ feed, and tend to get the most engagement.
  3. Follow back everyone who follows you. You can add them to a “followed me” circle.
  4. If you can, segment your audience into defined circles, and target content to these circles based on relevance and impact.

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