4 Tips for Proper Mobile Etiquette in the Office

It’s a mobile world. Everywhere we  look, people are on their smartphones sending emails, checking social media sites, browsing the news, or making an old-fashioned phone call. But it’s important to keep in mind when, where and how to use your mobile phone. Here are some tips for practicing proper mobile etiquette at work.

Mobile etiquette

  1. Avoid interrupting face-to-face conversations to take a call. If it’s urgent, say so, and take the call at least 10 feet away.
  2. Try not to check your smartphone in meetings. It signals you are distracted and uninterested in the discussions at hand.
  3. Return calls within 24 hours.
  4. Know when to text. Consider the industry and the role of the person you are contacting when deciding the most appropriate way to communicate.

Do you have any other mobile etiquette tips to share?

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