Our Top 3 Instagram Web Viewers

There has been a lot of hype lately around Instagram’s new privacy policy, which is set to kick in on January 16th.  The policy update gives companies permission to use user content and photos for advertising purposes. Yesterday, Instagram published a post explaining the documents were misinterpreted and they are working on fixing the issue. The new policy seems to be the latest strategy for Instagram to start accumulating revenue – a feat questioned by many when Zuckerberg purchased the app for $1 billion earlier this year.

Instagram has evolved at a speedy pace to get to where it is today. But let’s rewind a bit.

Instagram was created by American entrepreneur and software engineer Kevin Systrom and launched in October of 2010. The photo-sharing and social networking app rapidly gained popularity, with over 100 million active users as of September 2012. Zuckerberg saw an opportunity in April of 2012, when Facebook made its largest acquisition to date.

Initially, Instagram was exclusive to iPhone users. Such exclusivity actually swayed customers’ decisions when purchasing a phone. Of course, technology evolves, and support for Android camera phones was added in April 2012. Today, Instagram is fully accessible on the web. Although this is not a drastic change in technology, the process was different because it was reversed; typically, websites become available as apps rather than apps transitioning into websites.

There are multiple advantages to using Instagram web viewers, including:

  • Larger photos
  • Less glitches
  • Faster scrolling
  • More discreet (checking your phone under the desk at the office isn’t as low key as you thought)
  • High quality
  • Users do not need a smartphone to have an account
  • Some web viewers do not require users to sign in at all

It’s not just one site option either – there are several sites that have dedicated themselves as Instagram web viewers. So when you’re looking to access the app on a larger screen or seeking another way to procrastinate at work, you can refer to our favourite Instagram readers:


Webbygram is the traditional web viewer for Instagram. Initially, it was created as an effort to persuade Instagram’s founders to create a web version of the app. Similar to the original app that users love, Webbygram has a very simple interface. The scrolling features are similar too: you can view one photo at a time. A mouse over a photo allows you to see its caption and the like button. Through the site, you can also share the photo to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Webstagram has more features and functionality than Webbygram, though some will argue its interface is less user-friendly – it depends what you’re looking for. After signing into your Instagram account, you can change the layout of the photographs to “grid” or “list.” This allows you to choose between viewing multiple photos or only one photo on the screen. Webstagram has a menu at the top of the screen that allows quick access to your feed, popular photos, your photos, search and more.


Statigram has become very popular among Instagram users. Aside from the original browsing capabilities, this web viewer tracks your account activity and provides statistics. You can see a general overview of your activity, content analysis, engagement analysis and an overall monthly analysis. All statistics can be shared with your friends in the form of a post on your Instagram feed.

As social media fanatics, we love Instagram for the way it captures individuality in an artistic and visual way. Its array of filters, frames and lighting effects can turn any ordinary photo into a work of art. Even if photography is not your forte, you may be surprised how quickly you become addicted to this technology – especially with the ability to access on both your phone and the web.

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