Social Media Case Study: Engineering Software & Services Firm

Due to budget and staff constraints, the small and medium-sized business (SMB) segment has previously struggled in terms of building and marketing their brands.

But the tremendous circumstance afforded by social media has changed that.

Small businesses now have an unparalleled opportunity to build a global brand and converse directly with prospective buyers of their products or services.

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The problem is, most SMBs don’t have the time to dedicate not only to launching and managing their social media, but also to analyzing the data pulled from these platforms and developing expertise around what works best.

This is why many SMBs come to Bright Blue Wave when looking to outsource this critical marketing function.

Here’s an example:

One of our clients – a niche engineering software and services firm with a global audience – gave us two specific business goals when hiring Bright Blue Wave to manage their social media.

  1. Create brand awareness with a global audience.
  2. Move up their Google search ranking to the first page (at the time they were showing up on pages seven to nine).

When we launched their social media program, this company had only one primary competitor, with a few, smaller organizations just entering the market place.

After only six months, we had successfully moved our client to the top of Google’s search ranking based on their top key words. Here’s how:

  • We introduced a blog – due to the highly technical and specific nature of this client’s business, we found their key words just flowed naturally into their blogs.
  • We used Twitter to promote webinars and build out their community.
  • We used Google+ and Facebook to interact and build their community by sharing short, engaging posts.
  • We used LinkedIn to build a presence with their peers.

As a result of our efforts throughout these different platforms, the firm saw improvements to its page rankings, which also impacted the company’s brand awareness.

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