How Social Media Impacts Education

Social media has transformed the way we communicate and network with one another; it has changed the way we search for jobs; it has altered the way customers engage with brands, and the way businesses interact with their customers; and it has improved the way we teach and learn.

Let’s take a look at how certain networking platforms are influencing education.

Google+ Hangouts
Google Hangouts offer enormous potential for students, educators and researchers to connect and collaborate. Viewers can watch and share at any time, from anywhere. Hangouts bring a new avenue for feedback sessions between students and professors, as well as new opportunities for sparking discussion that may not have started in the classroom.

Not to mention, Google + Hangouts on Air bring educator voices “center stage for all to hear.” The Hangouts are free for anyone looking to expand their knowledge base and professional development. Check out the Live Hangout Schedule, or browse past recordings.

YouTube Videos
Most of you can probably name a particular TedTalk that has resonated with you, perhaps even changed your life. With a vast pool of topics, ideas and speakers, TED has something for everyone, bringing an innovative avenue to new knowledge, skills and directives.

And we’re not only watching and learning from TedTalks, but we’re sharing these influences with our family, friends and colleagues, which in turn creates an educational experience like no other.

Pinterest Inspiration
Pinterest offers an enormous collection of free, DIY education resources. The platform is a jackpot for teachers of all grades and subjects, with great tips, tricks and tools for the classroom.

Twitter Chats
Teachers may be hesitant to follow their students on Twitter, but they are definitely following fellow educators. If you are a teacher and have not yet explored Twitter, it’s time to start. There are endless discussion topics awaiting your input. Teachers from all around the world use these chats to share their ideas and viewpoints with one another, opening their classroom doors for the world to see, engage and participate in.

There is no doubt the digital realm as a whole has had a massive impact on education. Online learning is now a very popular route of schooling – and it has led to amazing opportunities for students and teachers alike, bringing world-class education to remote areas and exposing people all over the world to an endless library of knowledge and ideas. Social media is playing a critical role in this; these platforms are helping to revolutionize the way we teach and learn, and we believe this is only the beginning.

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