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Social Media Tip | How to Take a Photo Worth Sharing

Q. How do we take a photo our community feels is worth sharing?

A. Simple point-and-click cameras have everyone thinking they can be a photographer. The first step in learning to take a better photo is to start reading. Many people (we’re guilty of this as well) are quick to begin snapping photos without reading the instruction manual. Taking the time to understand the features of your camera will help you in the long run.

In setting up your scene, consider the features you want to highlight or the emotion you wish to convey. Now that you are ready to begin taking photos, here are eight tips to keep in mind:

  • Background – pay attention to what is going on in the background. If you are shooting outside, watch for distracting objects or people you would not want to include in the frame.
  • Lighting  – is the light highlighting the subject in an interesting way or casting a shadow? Can you use the light to your advantage?
  • Angle  – nudge the subjects off-centre for an interesting angle. Alter your perspective. Many pictures are taken from eye level – why not try something different?
  • Motion – hold the camera still; use a tripod if necessary.
  • Edit  –  try out simple editing apps to crop and play with filters.
  • Eye contact – play with eye contact. Have your subject look off or make eye contact with another person within the frame.
  • Candid –  these shots provide some of the best images.Take a series of images to capture your subject in a candid moment.
  • Focus – get in close and focus on a feature you wish to highlight.

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