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Social Media Tip | How much time should my non-profit invest in social media?

Q. How much time should my non-profit invest in social media?

A. Many non-profits mistakenly treat social media as an add on – something they put off until they can squeeze out a few minutes at the end of the day.

Social media allows you to create awareness and grow a community that is passionate about your cause. It’s an opportunity to inspire advocates and activists to stand up and get involved.

Instead, you should be asking, “How much time can I afford to invest in social media?” When answering this question, keep these points in mind:

• The channels are free to setup and maintain.
• Social doesn’t demand high level production of video or images to share your stories and message.
• In order to succeed, you must give yourself permission to spend on social.

Social Media Tip: While it is tempting to have a number of volunteers manage your social media presence, you could be exposing yourself to legal complication, watering down your brand messaging, and portraying inconsistency in voice, tone  posts.

Social Media for Non Profit

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