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Social Media Tip | New Twitter Layout

Q. What are the sizing guidelines for the new Twitter cover photo?

A. Twitter’s new layout is “a whole new you, in your Twitter profile”. The new features are aimed at offering an improved experience with the ability to:

  • Pin Tweets: Pin a tweet to the top of your feed.
  • Highlight Best Tweets: Your most recent four tweets and your tweets with more engagement appear larger.
  • Filter Tweets: When viewing, filter by tweet, tweet with images or tweets and replies.

The new cover allows you to express your brand on a much larger format. The new sizing is 1500 X 500 pixels.

Social Media Tip: The visibility of your cover photo will change depending on what device your followers are using to view your Twitter profile. Blogger Pauline Cabrera created a fantastic template, which she has shared on her blog at


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