Social Media Tips | Saving TIme

Q. How can I get my business on social media without investing a large amount of time?

A. It is difficult to get through a day without being bombarded by digital media, not just social media. Here are some steps to try:

  1. Limit the noise. Start with only one social network first and ramp up new channels with consideration. Do you really need to be on all of them? 
  2. Schedule. Dedicate some time each day to manage your social media channels. Block the time in your calendar, even if it is just a half hour. It is easy to get side-tracked; save articles of interest to read later on, when you have more time. 
  3. Apps. Download and use – they will make your life simpler and your channels easier to monitor.

Social Media Tip: Use the scheduling features in the various channels so that you can schedule your posts and tweets when your audience is online.

"I make the time for social media because I think it is important."

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