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Social Media Tips | Facebook Ad Campaign

Q. How do I run a successful Facebook ad campaign?

A. Just like any other marketing campaign or advertisement, start with the basic building blocks:

  1. Clearly define goals/objectives of the advertisement; meaning Facebook page likes, brand awareness, etc.
  2. Use focus, concise content that address an issue or provides a benefit.
  3. Include a clear call to action.
  4. Include a high quality image that is eye-catching, specifically when viewed at a small size.
  5. Test a range of images and content examples/calls to action.
  6. Measure the campaign.

Facebook has great tools to help you build awareness of your business and Facebook Page. Social Media Today reviewed the lastest upgrades to the functionality and interface last September in this blog. Not everything will necessarily be relevant to your campaign, but they do a great job of explaining the technical aspects of Facebook ads.

Social Media Tip: Though you have the option of selecting your Facebook page, entering the URL of your Facebook Page instead allows you to edit the headline.

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