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Blogging and SEO

Publish great and entertaining content and rise to web fame.
Every blog post, news article, and conversation lately around content and SEO seems to be focused on the need for quality content. Don’t get us wrong, we are happy to see people rebelling against spam and SEO Black Hat tactics, but great content is only half of the battle.  (More)

How to Master the Perfect Blog Post

The average adult’s attention span is now down to just 8 seconds – a second less than the attention span of a goldfish. How do you keep your readers interested in your blog? There is an art to blogging; it requires specific skills to ensure a post’s sentences are seamlessly sculpted, its storyline creatively seductive.  (More)

Why You Need a Business Blog, and Tips For Successful Blogging

In the digital marketing world, having a blog on your website is a crucial element to your business’ marketing success. Starting a blog for your business and integrating SEO (search engine optimization) strategies helps drive traffic to your website and increases your Google search ranking.   (More)