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Managing Negative Comments on Social Media

A study from J.D. Power found that 67% of consumers used social media for customer service issues. Unfortunately far too many brands regularly ignore comments from customers who took the time to reach out because they don’t have the time or resources to properly manage their channels or their community manager does not know how to properly address and engage with the customer.  (More)

Using Social Media to Manage Your Customer Service

Social media has transformed the customer service experience for both businesses and consumers. Customers expect more from companies – they not only expect faster response times, but higher quality responses as well. Below are some key reasons why your brand should be responding to (both positive and negative) customer comments on social media.  (More)

Should Your Employees Tweet at Work?

Should Your Employees Tweet at Work?
It wasn’t long ago when organizations were blocking access to social media sites at the office. Few things were more taboo than employees tweeting or browsing their Facebook newsfeed while on the clock. Companies were even monitoring what employees posted on personal Facebook pages in their free time.  (More)

E-commerce: The Road to Customer Satisfaction

We’ve become dependent on online interactions for everything we do – it’s how we communicate, how we pay our bills and how we shop. This year’s Cyber Monday hit a new record as the largest online shopping day for American shoppers in the past four years.  (More)