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Community Manager: Who’s Driving Your Brand?

The biggest mistake a small business can make with social media marketing, is not having a community manager. The second? Handing over control of your brand to someone who is not qualified.  Just as social media has evolved to become an essential part of any comprehensive marketing strategy, so have the role and expectations of a community manager.  (More)

Using Social Media to Manage Your Customer Service

Social media has transformed the customer service experience for both businesses and consumers. Customers expect more from companies – they not only expect faster response times, but higher quality responses as well. Below are some key reasons why your brand should be responding to (both positive and negative) customer comments on social media.  (More)

6 Ways Being a Social Business Will Bring Value to Your Company

1. Deeper Relationships

Use social media to connect with your audience and customers. Interact with them. Discover their needs/wants, and answer to these demands.

2. Greater Trust

According to the BrandFrog2012 CEO Survey, more than 82 per cent of respondents are likely or much more likely to trust a company whose CEO and team engage in social media.  (More)

E-commerce: The Road to Customer Satisfaction

We’ve become dependent on online interactions for everything we do – it’s how we communicate, how we pay our bills and how we shop. This year’s Cyber Monday hit a new record as the largest online shopping day for American shoppers in the past four years.  (More)

Build Community; Grow Sales

Social media has an inherent advantage over other marketing channels because of the way its networks are structured. In essence, social media requires customers to opt into a relationship with your company, which essentially means they’re already interested in what you have to offer.  (More)