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5 Tips for Social Media Success

“Without a solid plan in place, social media will only amplify noise.” ~ Sharad Verma, Bright Blue Wave Founder A Gallup study released in June 2014, revealed that, on average across four broad demographics, 35% felt social media had some to a great deal of influence on their purchasing decision.  (More)

Find Your Basis of Conversation on Social Media

Your website doesn’t sell your product; you do. In order to increase conversion rates, you need to sell people on your product or service; even more importantly, you need to sell them on your brand. How do you do that? Start by finding your basis of conversation.  (More)

What To Look for When Joining a Group on Social Media

Deciding on which groups to join on social media? Be sure to look for one that is well managed. Here are some telltale signs:
  1. Activity within the group is ongoing and updates are frequent and timely.
  2. NO ads or promotional posts within the discussion threads.

Tips for Managing a LinkedIn Group Successfully

Are you utilizing the small communities within LinkedIn to showcase your business expertise, service or product? LinkedIn Groups offer a valuable opportunity for companies and their employees to demonstrate thought leadership, connect with like-minded professionals, communicate with prospects, and generate leads.  (More)