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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media

Say the word outsourcing and you’re likely to get a negative response.  Loss of control, poor quality, and increasingly expensive are often mentioned as reasons why you shouldn’t do it.  Add something as strategic and core to your brand as social media marketing, the negative responses grow exponentially.  (More)

Creating Content to Reflect Your Brand

Creating Content to Reflect Your Brand
When building an online social presence for our clients we start at the strategic level:  who are their customers; what do they care about; what are their overall business objectives; what is their brand voice; what does success for their organization look like?  (More)

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Success in 2013

It’s a new day, a new year and a new start. If you’re a small or medium-sized business looking to set new goals for success this year, why not start with your digital marketing strategy? Last year marked significant changes across the social media realm.   (More)