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Social Media Tip | Mobile Marketing

Social Media Tip

Q. What is mobile social media marketing?

A. According to a study by Shareaholic, referral traffic from Facebook mobile grew 253% in 2013. The number of people interacting with your brand via a social media app from a mobile environment will only continue to grow.  (More)

Top Five Productivity Apps for Small Businesses

Try out these apps on your tablet to boost productivity on the go. 1. Dropbox
If you’re not already familiar with Dropbox, you’ve been missing out. The app lets you sync files between your smartphone, desktop and tablet with ease. It’s also free (for 2GB of storage or less), and a perfect fit for the business-minded person on the go.  (More)

4 Tips for Proper Mobile Etiquette in the Office

It’s a mobile world. Everywhere we  look, people are on their smartphones sending emails, checking social media sites, browsing the news, or making an old-fashioned phone call. But it’s important to keep in mind when, where and how to use your mobile phone.  (More)

E-commerce: The Road to Customer Satisfaction

We’ve become dependent on online interactions for everything we do – it’s how we communicate, how we pay our bills and how we shop. This year’s Cyber Monday hit a new record as the largest online shopping day for American shoppers in the past four years.  (More)