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Parents Get Ready to SCREAM: Social Media Opens the Door for Tweens and Teens

The world’s largest social media site recently eased its privacy settings for teenagers; Facebook users aged 13 to 17 can now share their profile content publicly. While previously they could only share posts as widely as “friends of friends”, the new rules allow teens to make any message or photo available publicly within the platform or even across the Web.  (More)

How To Develop a Social Media Policy for Your Business

How To Develop a Social Media Policy for Your Business

Your employees are online and they’re using social media – how are they influencing the public perception of your brand?

Social media training in the workplace is quickly becoming mandatory for an ever-growing range of companies.  A social media policy protects your company, your brand and your employees.  (More)

Our Top 3 Instagram Web Viewers

There has been a lot of hype lately around Instagram’s new privacy policy, which is set to kick in on January 16th.  The policy update gives companies permission to use user content and photos for advertising purposes. Yesterday, Instagram published a post explaining the documents were misinterpreted and they are working on fixing the issue.  (More)