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7 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Sales Tool

Pinterest has evolved beyond the digital scrapbooking limitations and the platform has become an essential marketing tool for retailers. Its latest feature, which blasts an email to pinners when the price on an item has dropped, is an especially attractive one for sales teams, bringing new and exciting opportunities for attracting customers Whether you’re a seasoned pinner or fresh to the platform, it’s important to understand the sales strategy behind the way you organize and manage your pins and boards.We’ve compiled a list of the top seven ways a business can use Pinterest as a sales tool.  (More)

Facebook – Love It or Leave It?

Ever since Facebook was founded back in 2004, it has held a reputation as the big social media kid on the block. The veritable 800-pound gorilla, Facebook now boasts over 1.1 billion accounts and 400 million active users. In fact, much of the social media terminology that is commonplace today can be sourced to Facebook.  (More)

This Isn’t Your Father’s (er… slightly older brother’s) Social Media Anymore

Social media is evolving at a rapid pace.  As the title of this blog implies, the utility and business value of social media has come a long way in just a few short years.   At the beginning (think all the way back to 2002 if you can) the first modern social networking services, such as Friendster, MySpace and LinkedIn, provided an opportunity for people to post pictures of kittens, and a forum for teenagers to gossip.  (More)