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Social Media Tip | Google+ Mobile App

Social Media Tip

Q. How do I access my Google+ business page through the mobile app?

A. Log out from the Google+ app and log back in. You can then choose between managing your personal profile or one of the business pages that you have administrative access to.
Social Media Tip: Currently you can’t switch between your personal profile and the business pages that you manage.  (More)

Make Social Media Part of a Holistic Marketing Plan

In order for your social media marketing strategy to be effective and cost-efficient, it must be used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Think of social media as one part of a multi-faceted campaign. We’ve said time and time again why it is essential that businesses have a strong presence on social platforms(More)

Build Community; Grow Sales

Social media has an inherent advantage over other marketing channels because of the way its networks are structured. In essence, social media requires customers to opt into a relationship with your company, which essentially means they’re already interested in what you have to offer.  (More)

Create Long-Lasting Relationships Through Social Media

Last week, we argued small- and medium-size businesses have the most to gain from social media. Truth is, anyone can tweet “Happy Earth Day” or post a photograph on Facebook.  On the other hand, if you want to build long-term engagement with your current and potential customers, you need to create content that’s both valuable and relevant to your business.  (More)

Small Business Needs to be Big in Social Media

If you’re a small- or medium-size business, you’ve probably achieved the majority of your growth via word of mouth. Your current customers are your best sales tool; they tell their friends, who then tell their friends and so on. The good news is, with the advent of social media there’s never been a better time to capitalize on such a strategy; in fact, social media is like word of mouth on steroids.  (More)