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5 Underused Ways to Create Facebook Ads that Get Noticed

Facebook is still king of the social networks in terms of having the largest social audience. And given that the average user spends over two hours per day on the social network, this presents a huge opportunity for businesses to not only connect with their customers but also grow their customer base.  (More)

Managing Negative Comments on Social Media

A study from J.D. Power found that 67% of consumers used social media for customer service issues. Unfortunately far too many brands regularly ignore comments from customers who took the time to reach out because they don’t have the time or resources to properly manage their channels or their community manager does not know how to properly address and engage with the customer.  (More)

5 Social Media Metrics All Small Businesses Should Be Tracking

The metrics don’t lie. They tell us if our social media strategy is working, and they provide us with invaluable information about our users, the type of content they prefer, and where to focus over time. However, there are some social media metrics that can be a little deceiving and give you a false sense of social media success.  (More)

2015 Brought Big Changes in Social Media

While we all know that we need to get social to enhance our brand presence and engage our customers online, it is increasingly challenging to do so. If you are having trouble keeping up with all of the changes happening across all of the social media channels, you’re not alone.  (More)

Putting Social Back in Social Media

Being Social Is Key to Being Successful on Social Media

We see time and time again, that interacting and engaging with your community is key to successful growth across all social media platforms. However, many companies lose sight of this simple yet effective way to grow their online presence.  (More)

Social Media Metrics That Matter

How do you measure social media metrics in a way that is meaningful for your business? While it is okay to track “vanity metrics” like followers or likes, businesses tend to confuse this as an achievement versus what it really is – an opportunity.  (More)

Social Media Tip | Mobile Marketing

Social Media Tip

Q. What is mobile social media marketing?

A. According to a study by Shareaholic, referral traffic from Facebook mobile grew 253% in 2013. The number of people interacting with your brand via a social media app from a mobile environment will only continue to grow.  (More)

Social Media for Small Businesses in 2014

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

A white paper on CRM and social media, published a few years ago by Avanade, stated, “Apathy, fear and uncertainty – more than costs – are preventing companies from formally adopting social media technologies.” Every day, small business owners are bombarded by the same message: you need to incorporate social media into your marketing mix to be successful.  (More)

Social Media Tip | Scheduling Social Media

Social Media Tip

Q. We are struggling to manage our social media channels. How can we keep up with posting and answering questions?

A. There are many different scheduling platforms that you can use to help schedule and manage your social media channels. HootSuite and TweetDeck both offer free solutions to get you up and running.   (More)

Digital RoundUp: The Power of Storytelling

What better way to pass time on your Friday workday than by checking out our weekly Digital RoundUp? Social media marketing is all about telling the story of a brand. A story can be told in so many different ways: it can be told with a blog; it can be told in 140 characters or less; it can be told with photos, audio or video(More)