Twitter Image Sizes for Effective Social Media Marketing

“Each Tweet represents an opportunity to show your voice and strengthen that relationship with your followers.” ~ Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Twitter (@smfrogers)

The competition for your customer’s attention on social media is intense. Nowhere is this more evident than on Twitter, where messages in your stream are often buried under a mountain of throwaway Tweets. In an environment where everyone is clamouring for attention, you have to do everything to set your social media marketing apart from the crowd. A great place to start is using visual storytelling.

Adding a visual element to your Tweets can be critical to improving engagement so it’s essential to make sure you know and follow Twitter’s image size guidelines in order for your graphics to have the most impact.

Resizing Images

For this article we’ll stick to images that are embedded in your Tweets. Since Twitter will automatically collapse your in-stream photos, it’s best to always follow these guidelines so that your content marketing always looks great.

When adding an image to your Tweets the minimum dimension in pixels is 440×220, and the maximum is 1024×512. Those dimensions are at a 2:1 ratio so if you have an image that’s larger or has different dimensions it’s often a good idea to try cropping it before you post. Here’s a great example of how Twitter will collapse your images in your timeline so you can plan your marketing images accordingly.

Twitter image size

Caption: Notice how the logo is only visible when a user expands the image.

You can resize and crop images using apps like Preview and Paint which come with most computers or download free tools like GIMP or

It’s also good to keep in mind when adding images to your Tweets is that Twitter will automatically create a link to your content, so you won’t have quite as many characters to work with.

How are you telling stories with your Tweets? Do you pay attention to Twitter image sizes? Let us know in the comments below.

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