What Can Facebook Graph Search Do For You?

Watch out Google. Yelp beware. Zuckerberg has launched his next game-changer. No, it’s not a Facebook phone, but Graph Search, the social network’s beta tool for sharing content through users’ social connections. 

What Is Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search offers instant access to people, photos, places and interests. Launched in limited beta on January 15, this new search bar connects users to photos from their college and university days, restaurants their friends have visited, music their buddies listen to and even job recruits, new friends and potential dates.

Facebook Graph Search

How Does It Work?

Graph Search results are indexed in order of relevancy based on the strength of the relationship with the user’s social network connections. The stronger the relationship between a person or a page, the more likely that content is displayed in search results.

The approach taken by Graph Search is comparable to the functionality of LinkedIn, in that it helps you find people living in city X who work for company Y. In the event that Facebook can’t find what you’re looking for, Bing jumps in for the rescue.

What’s In It For Me?

The tool is said to bring tremendous potential to impact users. Analysts suggest the search platform could disrupt business models of social platforms such as Yelp, Foursquare or Google Local, which help consumers locate movies, restaurants, and services based on friend recommendations.

Since connections are fuelled by engagements, such as a fan “liking” a brand’s page, content becomes more crucial than ever. It is essential that brands create and publish compelling content that resonates with their audience and is formatted to increase engagement on the Facebook platform.

Where Do I Start?

While Graph Search is still in beta form, brands can begin focusing on the steps needed to boost their content index today. Contact us at brightbluewave.com to learn how you can start creating useful and usable content that is desirable and engaging to your audience. We’re here to help you build a connected brand.

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