What is Paper.li?

We are frequently asked, “What is Paper.li?” So we thought we would take this opportunity to explain the basics. Should you use it? It depends.

Paper.li curates socially shared content, articles, photos, and videos from across the web. The platform uses industry keywords to generate an online newspaper or newsletter. The creator of the paper is the Publisher. Businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals choose to create and publish curated content to raise awareness, educate, and reach a larger audience.

Proper credit is always given back not only to the person or profile that shared the content (the News Spotter) but also to the original Site or Author of Content. Web traffic will be driven back to the original creators of the content by those who read the online newspaper and click on their content.

If you are considering setting up a paper.li for your business, brand, or cause – make sure it supports your marketing goals. Whenever our clients ask about newly discovered social platforms, we always start by asking, “How does this align to your marketing goals?” For more information on paper.li and how to setup an account, check out their website.


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